Returns Management

Returns no longer have to be a challenge.

We know that many of our clients strive to replicate the service they offer their US customers to all their customers. Returns is one of those essential services that customers universally desire. SkyPostal engages the best providers in our region and requires of them service levels on par with what our clients are accustomed to in the US.

Returns handling is an important part of that. We have worked with our providers to set up Return Centers in the major countries to be able to give our clients a seamless returns process for their customers. It’s as simple as printing a return label from a client’s website, dropping off the package at a local office or requesting a pickup.

Once the items are in our Return Centers, they will be handled based on the seller’s instructions. Whether they want them returned to sender, destroyed, consolidated, whatever it is, our Return Centers are there to meet our client’s needs.